A memory A whisper
by Michelle Hamlin

Do I haunt your dreams?
Hear me laugh and sing?
Does it fade away, into
A memory and a whisper?
Look and you may see.
A haunting hint of me.
Looking from behind the tree.
Running down your street.
Think and you may recall.
Listen and you may hear.
A memory and a whisper.
Make this life real.
Tell me what you feel.
Send it on the breeze.
The wind will float it to me.
For tonight I know.
Under the moon glow.
Everything to me.
Is plainly seen.
A memory and A whisper.
Of you and me.
Listen and you will hear.
Think and recall the memory.
Do I haunt your dreams?
Do I haunt your life?
I know its true....
Memory and a whisper



 Hope You Enjoy