A NEW letter to America

 This is by far the best and most accurate commentary I have seen yet about the attack. It was written by a retired U.S. Navy Boatswains Mate Chief.

 Dear Americans,

 When I opened my e-mail this morning I had about twenty forwards of the article written by Gordon Sinclair, the Canadian who so eloquently praised the United States. What most of you do not realize is that this commentary was written many years ago. Those of us in the Military Service have known about it for a long time.

Now, Americans are flooding the net with it as if it were new. It is not. When it was written most Americans didn't read it, because most Americans did not care. The tragedy that befell all of us on September 11th shocked America. America no longer feels safe. 

Many of you have said, "The government should have known! 30 Billion Dollars is spent on intelligence! What about the Military?" 

Just a reminder, America: You voted our government into office. For years you allowed some politicians and twisted media to shape your ideas about the defense of our nation.  On September 11th, America had the exact level of protection, both militarily and intelligence, that it was willing to pay for.

Did any one ever watch CSPAN? Particularly when the Heads of our Armed Services essentially begged YOUR representatives to give the Military more money to fight terrorism and maintain a strong defense?

Did you see the debates by the Heads of the Intelligence Services that terrorism was the new threat and they did not have the money to build the necessary intelligence networks in the areas where terrorists were being harbored? America must have been watching one of the other 114 satellite channels. 

The Military said: "We need more money to maintain military readiness and Combat Training."

 America Answered: "What the Military needs is Sensitivity Training! You're all sexist  homophobes! I saw it on the evening news!" 

The Military said: "We need money to build ships, planes, tanks, and improve our technology. America still has credible threats throughout the world." 

America Answered: "You're all part of a vast right-wing conspiracy. There is no more Soviet Threat! My Senator told me so! He/She says we do not need such a big military!" 

The Military said: "We need to recruit more Americans into the military. We need to increase our force." 

America Answered: "You're not taking my kids! We're going to shut down the ROTC programs at our high schools and universities, because you discriminate against alternative lifestyles and women!" 

The Military said: "We can't keep interfering in the civil wars of small insignificant countries. It wastes our time, expends our resources, decreases training, and demoralizes our troops. We are warriors trying to defend our nation, not the third world's police." 

America Answered: "You heartless bastards! Can't you see the tear in the eye of that starving child with the flies on his face? Get Moving! This is what you're paid to do!" 

The Military Asked: "Why isn't America enraged over the terrorist attack on the USS Cole that killed seventeen AMERICAN Sailors?" 

America Answered: "We don't have time right now! You war mongers killed the poor innocent security guard in Puerto Rico and we're already late for the protest march!" 

So, America, while you sit around your office coffee pots and ask, "Why did those terrorists kill innocent civilians? Why didn't they go after the Military?" 

Remember this: They already did and America didn't care. They realized that they needed to kill civilians, and lots of them, before they could have their desired reaction. Well, now they have it. 

Please do not think this letter is meant to be insulting. Many of my comrades in Arms have lost loved ones in New York and Washington. The plane that crashed in Somerset County, PA was not even thirty miles from my daughter's public school in Johnstown.  We're just as angry, we're just as determined, and we're ready to lay down our lives for the safety of our great country and the freedoms all of us enjoy. 

America, we are still here for you. We always have been. What many of us ask is simple: print this letter and save it. When this war is over, take this letter out before every election and read it, remember the way you felt on September 11th, 2001. 

Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent, remember:  Freedom is not Free.  You DO have a responsibility as an American to take part in your country's defense.  It's as simple as casting an educated vote.