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As long as I am allowed,
should God decide that it be so
I will love you forever,
as long as forever goes.

I will see to it that you’ve memories
to last a life time and more.
I will create for you a heaven
without the hurt you knew before.

I will shelter you with my loving arms
embraced for the world to see.
That nothing will ever harm you
your heart is safe with me.

As long as there is breath in my body,
and my heart holds true to beat
I will keep you from the loss
of loosing to defeat.

And I will be the one
to take away your fears
for I’m the one who’ll love you
when days turn into years.

And as long as I should live,
you know that I will do
whatever it will take
to keep on loving you.

Written by: Angel
 © March 30, 1999