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Your Kiss

In love with you,
Faster, my heart beats,
Regretting not one minute,
Ive ever spent with you.

Your kiss has captured me,
Taken me off my feet,
It is in the essence of your being,
The softness of your lips.

The passionate way in which we touch,
Our lips pressed firmly together,
Your tongue caresses my mouth, my lips,
A fire builds within us.

Nothing can compare to your kiss,
It is what I truly miss,
Each day while we are out working,
For you my heart is still searching.

To rekindle the fire those lips have started,
It is only a memory,
Since we parted,
But you will return this evening to me,
And the fire will build, most definitely.

You are so beautiful,
And passionate too,
It is no wonder,
That I love you.

I sit here and marvel,
Your beauty is bliss,
I am lost and entranced,
In your loving kiss.

MAX  1999

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