Good Morning, Love,

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Morning sunshine begins the day,

and your e-mail brought it my way.

A cheerful note received from you

is more than all the rest can do

to start my day and make me shine

with love and hope to think you're mine.


Darling, you see, I love to hear

from one I hold so very dear.

My heart is happy when I see

that you have sent a note to me.

Just anything you write will do,

As long as I know it's from you.


If you really want me to smile,

then come and stay with me awhile.

Watch my heart jump inside my chest,

for you, my Dear, I love the best.

Flowers and birds, springtime and sun

are second best, for You are One.


I love you now, and always will,

with love that others can not kill.

Only you, Love, will hold the key

to kill this love, or set it free.

Set my love free to come to you,

entwine your heart and all you do.