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True Love
by: Jennifer S. Boney

When I think of my love for you
the wonder of its beauty takes my breath away.
I cannot recall the moment in time it began,
but only the overwhelming feeling of ecstasy it brought to me.

For at that moment I knew happiness.
A happiness I had never known before.
For just the thought of you gave me joy beyond belief.

The thought of being with you and being held by you was my one desire
I knew once we first met none other would ever do,
for I knew love.

I knew love as I had never thought possible in this life time.
It is a love of passion and desire.
It is a never-ending need to you,
for you, only you.

When I think of my love for you
I realize I now know the true meaning of love.
I will love you as long as this life endures and beyond,
for you are my dreams, my realities.
You are my heart
You are my meaning of true love.