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Until The End Of Time
by Nathan Wende

Leaving footprints in the sand
Hand in hand you walked with me,
As the sun slowly faded
Into the gentle, blue sea.

I'd pictured this moment
A thousand times before,
In my most precious dream
I know I couldn't love you more.

It was at that instant
In my heart I knew,
There was nothing in this world
I wouldn't do for you.

Trying to find a comparison
To our love and devotion,
Would be as helpless and tiring
As counting the raindrops in the ocean.

I always wondered if God
Sent us each a true love,
He proved it to me with you
My angel from above.

For in you I see my future
And everything that is real,
How could I possibly
Put into words what I feel.

If tomorrow there was no sun
If my words failed to rhyme,
My love would still be yours
Until the end of time.