Passion and Desire


If passion were a flame of fire,
That burned into my soul;
I'd be consumed by this inferno,
By you who makes me whole.

Just like the moth who can't resist,
Who's drawn into the fire;
I dance around the flickering light,
Of passion and desire.

I look so deeply in your eyes,
At the hair I long to touch;
I hear my name come whispering,
'Cross lips I need so much.

My heart is filled with longing,
I stand too near the fire.
Again I'm drawn by the music,
Of passion and desire.

My hands reach out to touch you,
I live for one look from your eyes;
I whisper your name in the quiet times,
My love too strong to deny.

I dance to the tune of your music,
I sway in the glow of your fire.
Ever drawn into this inferno,
Of passion and desire.


Lost Without Your Love