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Listening in the darkness,
for a visit from a dream;
through curtains of the mist,
my lover comes to me.

Listening to the silence,
I sense that she has arrived;
she leads me to passion,
brings my soul to life.

My heart beats out of rhythm,
of wonderful harmony;
whenever she strokes my thighs,
and caresses all of me.

As her kisses trails of fire,
across my manly skin;
lingering in sweetness,
where my heat begins.

I sigh and whisper softly,
my urgent need for her;
to join her soul to mine,
and take me deep within.

Slipping together with tenderness,
and glorious embrace;
we move in gentle passion,
and wonderful sweet grace.

Urgency for compassion,
bid us to rise and fall;
making ours in oneness,
we give to each our all.

Faster into glory,
a beautiful sweet ride;
ending in exhaustion,
and our contented sighs.

My lover is an angel,
who slips into my dreams;
awaking me with passion,
forever it would seem.

So I await for her in darkness,
and I shall never leave;
for no other can replace her,
and the spell that she so weaves. 





Faith Hill

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